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We base our business model on "sharing values". Which further implies that the success of any CSR activity and group is mutually dependent on each other. while group get benefit from the activities they do to serve the noble cause, value sharing is promoted via niche task it serves with mandate bare minimum investment of time or resource. This cycle of adding value with smile is then opened to more causes as the group grows.

The tagline " Cherish by all" illustrates how our simple idea of collaborating technology with any noble cause on DNA level can change the very prespective of that initiative which now only does not help changing lives but also create some or other form of value add awareness about other related activites too. We Cherish the very simple notion of using the most commonly evolving thing called "technology" to few very key causes which can bring humanity to whole new level of existence.

Its not an idea or thought where we can debate about non profit or profit applications of said notion but, the intent to serve humanity with whatever it takes to ensure the best of techology also passes few rare life value addons.

  • WCRS
    Creating a legacy of decade long business excellence.
  • D2D
    Creating Live! blood donors. Zindagi wala app
  • Fatho Tech
    Collaborating technology for masses to create simple solution.
  • Ayurshakha
    Let's find the real ayurveda.

About Us

We are a young non-profit with core focus on "give it back" with best possible manner where we must be able to engage masses. The intent is to create a platform where technology must meet noble causes to ensure the best of humanity is also evolving with course of time

Gone are the days when people have to think about doing a special task of helping someone on medium or large scale. We have introduced some crazy collaborations of tech & causes which will surely make you understand what we are upto.

With total 30 years of combined global work experience, our team is set create new milestones for future e-csr experts.

We are passionate about three things
  • Creating awareness about giving it back to society ?

  • How can we make it simple ?

  • How can we enjoy while we do it ?


What to Expect Working with Us

Just as with our projects, we build our process to meet each individual candidate’s needs. Our recruiters take the time to listen to your career goals and ambitions, and they work one-on-one with you in order to provide you with our full attention. By doing so, we can place you in a company that provides the best professional fit.

At Arthaay we strive to build long-term relationships. As a professional, you will constantly be challenged by the changing face of economics, industry trends and the overall corporate landscape across the world. We realize in life that things don’t stay the same forever, and we are prepared to support you every step of the way on your professional journey. Whenever you need us, we will be there.

Team Members

We have always taken pride in our culture. There are some core values that have been inherent and are an integral part of our story.






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IT Head

Contact Us

"Let drop a line to us & we will be in touch soon." change this to Reach us!

  • SCO 128-129, Second Floor, Sector 8 - C, Chandigarh, INDIA
  • 0172 - 4678881